Bram Kerkhofs

Bram attended both a master course in goldsmithing and sculpting in stone. This explains his focus on knots and hinges and his passion for materials and techniques, characteristic of his design, but also for his way of working and his research. His work shows a great passion for mathematical systems and is very architectural.

In addition to full-time design, Bram is also very active in Batiment A, a collaboration between various artists and creative professionals in Leuven and teaches at the Interior Design Department at Luca School of Arts in Brussels and Ghent.

Thoughtful simplicity

Object design is not only about form, material and function. These days a designer needs to do more. Simple but smart, innovative but obvious, timeless but on time.

Hinging and moving

Brams designs play with form in the way they are constructed out from its parts. This means the user needs to make formal decisions. He wants his objects to push the user to think about their shape and better understand the world of form.

Parts and integers

From the modular composition of its various components, each object forms a self-contained whole. Strong in its form, unique in its use. Combinations of multiple objects lead to larger harmonious integers that seamlessly adapt to each environment. Bram's designs often are formal conceptions of new worlds.