Chandeliers old city hall Leuven

ndelierIn 1852, Victor Hugo pointed out to the city council of Leuven the fact that the town hall had been missing his sculptures in his 236 empty niches for more than 3 centuries. The Belgian independency was a good reason to change this. The placed images represent religious figures, in addition to scholars and other historical figures, largely linked to Leuven. Two large lusters refer to this anecdote by immortalizing the story from a structure with pinnacles and canopies where the niches are effectively not provided with images. The six-armed chandeliers are constructed in three levels from 3520 stainless steel discs that slide together like a puzzle. The pinnacles and canopies are a direct translation of the images from the façade. The light that falls on the objects creates a lot of shades and reflection and refers to the earlier use of crystal.

Materials: aluminium, stainless steel