COIL is a modular cabinet system in which the ‘shell’ is formed completely around a base as a semi-transparent curtain from a vertical and parallel woven elastic rope. It forms the middle between a classic open rack and a display cabinet and can be used on all sides. Coil redefines the cabinet as an object in its use. To put something in or to get it out, the elastics have to be pushed aside. Coil is a good example to clarify my dealings with materials and their properties. To be able to attach the elastic rope, the rope must be stretched so that the rope becomes thinner. The top and bottom shelf of the cabinet are provided with a specific cut-out curve at the edge so that the stretched elastic can be inserted, after which it relaxes nicely in the recessed opening. Due to its modular construction, the coil can vary in height by 40 cm each. The inner shelves are slightly smaller. This keeps them away from the screen. Coil has a fixed rounded rectangular format of 40 x 80 cm (W x H) and can be combined with quarter circle modules with a radius of 40 and 80 cm. This makes it possible to build freestanding walls as a composition of curved and straight forms, as functional room dividers.

Materials: stainless steel, aluminum, elastic rope Grand Award Interior Kortrijk 2018