LASSO 2020

For LASSO, a jewelry gallery, shop and workshop moving from location in the same street in the center of Leuven, Bram Kerkhofs Design Studio designed and executed the complete interior for the second time.

Educated as a jeweler the conceptualization of the different needs was quite evident. The main object exists out of 4 cabinets. Together they form a full quarter circle following different radii. Apart they can form curves adapting different situations. All 4 cabinets are divided in separated squares measuring 35 x 35 cm, on both sides portioned off with glass doors.

Spaces are divides with FLEX, a modular system to create semi-transparent screens out of parallel elastic ropes.

A special object in this concept is the safe cabinet. It has been assembled from discarded safe elements from a bank building from the seventies which were perfectly deconstructed by ROTOR DC (Brussels).


Parijsstraat Leuven