Les Gaufres

‘Les Gaufres’ is a collection of modular candleholders and/or coasters visualizing the typical Belgian waffle. The collection includes ‘La gaufre Liégeoise’, ‘La gaufre Bruxelloise’ and ‘Les gaufres de ma grand-mère’, which have a smaller proportion. ‘Les gaufres’ are designed as a modular system. More sets can be combined to larger wholes leaving the typical shape of a waffle.


La gaufre Liégeoise and la gaufre Bruxelloise can be used with candles with diameter of 23 mm.

Les gaufres de ma grand-mère have smaller openings to use candles with a diameter of 15 mm.

Materials: stainless steel


La gaufre Liégeoise &La gaufre Bruxelloise

170 x 100 x 22 mm


Les gaufres de ma grand-mère

different dimensions withe a height of 15 mm