Link represents the world of the jewelry maker, the body, as a real world in which people live. It is a world in miniature and symbolizes the world at micro and macro levels. Jewelry adorn the body. They are small sculptures. Scaling is very typical for a designer of jewelry. The reduced world represents itself as a microcosm.


The work should be seen as a visualization of the “rhizome” (a rhizome), a subsistence and development theory of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. They propagate that developments are built according to a non-hierarchical system that resembles a rhizome. Compare it to a broccoli, wherein each branch and each branch node is interconnected. People have things in common with each other. From the time that two people exhibit the same characteristic, they are associated with each other. This property can be manifested in visible features, such as wearing a hat, reading a newspaper, or sitting on a chair, but such principle may also be invisible present, such as knowing each other, thinking of the same subject, living in the same street or concealing the same secret. The list can be continued endlessly. The search for possible links imposes a bare network that is similar to the structure of a rhizome, which is made up of smaller plateaus. Everything is related in a way. This creates an endless web of interrelationships. Hypertext or www contains the same structure.


When at different locations, on the body, for example, at the shoulder and at the level of the chest, a number of pins, possibly in groups, are pinned together, the best effect of spaciousness is achieved. Link represents the world at the micro and macro level and can be seen as a plateau, which at itself is also made out of plateaus. Yet the carriers of a part of this jewel are a plateau again, but on another level, which moves in the macro world.

Link constitutes a part of my thesis (2007), entitled “The experience of time and space in the current jewelry.”

Material: silver